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Located in New Farm, OLD
teaching in New Farm, Brisbane CBD and the surounding suburbs.

Lydia G. Molen

(07) 3162 8346
0420 246 050

References from Clients:

"I have really enjoyed learning pilates from you - thank you for taking the time to bring out the best in me and recognize what would best stimulate and motivate me."

Just thought I would let you know that I have felt energised all day and I am sure it is due, in no small way to the invigorating session we had at pilates this morning.

"I commenced Pilates classes with Lydia in early 2004, and it wasn't long before these classes were a highlight of my week. Lydia's style of teaching is personalized and relaxed, which made the classes very enjoyable. Activities and exercises were tailored to the various levels of expertise, flexibility, health and enthusiasm of the members of the class, and it wasn't unusual for members of the class to be undertaking differing versions of positions / stretches depending on their experience or aptitude.

Over time I definitely noticed an improvement in my general health, flexibility and fitness as a result of these classes. I would definitely jump at the opportunity to do Pilates with Lydia again."

"Having had a competitive gymnastics and aerobics background Lydia warned me that I would find “pilates very different”. While the mat classes do not provide the vigorous aerobic workouts that I am used to as an aerobics instructor, Lydia taught me the benefits of practicing slow, controlled movements and working many muscle groups throughout the one hour class. Since starting her classes I have increased my core stability, strength and flexibility, as have all other class members.

Because Lydia takes the time to explain technique, recap on exercises and make corrections throughout her class, it makes it possible to remember and practice the exercises at home. As a biology student I also enjoyed the fact that Lydia has an extensive knowledge of anatomy and informs her students, which areas the exercises are targeting."

"I have found the description and language used by Lydia in her classes extremely helpful and easy to follow. Due to her thoroughness and precision in teaching the exercises, in the two years practicing with her I have never felt in danger of injuring my weak neck or any other muscle. I have benefited greatly in strength and posture and feel Lydia has given me a great base to continue my future pilates."